Kotatsu 2012 Komaneko Screening

Tsuneo Goda

We are glad to announce this year’s main event.

A screening of the wonderful stop motion animation ‘Komaneko’ directed by Tsuneo Goda, followed by a live Q&A session with the director and Hirokazu Minegishi, stop-motion animator via Skype from Japan.

Komaneko is a stop-motion series of shorts featuring a curious cat, his friends and their adventures. Beautifully animated, with lovable characters, exquisite set pieces and enchanting story lines guaranteed to please all ages.

Tsuneo Goda is also the creator of Domo, internationally famous character and the official mascot of Japan’s NHK television station.

Here is a special message from director Tsuneo Goda.

“The Kotatsu Film Festival is such a lovely name for this festival of animation. Thank you once again for inviting me to participate in the festival. Komaneko is presented using `cat language’. Some parts are also shown in `dog language’. The film should therefore be enjoyed by Japanese and British people, and indeed by people the world over, whatever their language. I would be thrilled and delighted to know that you enjoyed my film.

Tsuneo Goda

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