Raffle Aberystwyth 2023

Below is the list of raffle prizes to be won. Raffle tickets will be available at Kotatsu stall during the festival for 50p each.



Courtesy of Calon TV

A framed original cel artwork from the animated children’s series Meeow! (2000).

Ozeki Junmai Rai Sake

Courtesy of Oriental Mart

RAI is created using a new age labour-intensive production process with the yeast, koji and lactic acid being the keys to this rich brew. Timing of the additions to the starter mash influence the flavour and aroma. Ozeki exclusively developed a new way of making sake to bring out the savouriness while sustaining easy drink-ability. The unique brewing process of RAI creates a pleasant earthiness that is not too bold nor meek with subtle hints of caramel in the nose. A straightforward flavour that can be enjoyed for hours.

Ozeki Junmai Rai Sake

The Wasabi Company – Condiment Selection

Courtesy of The Wasabi Company

Yuzu and Wasabi flavoured mayonnaise and mustard.

Animangapop Goodie Bag

Courtesy of Animangapop

A fun-filled goodie bag.

This year’s bag will be different from the photos.

Blu-ray/DVD Set

Courtesy of MVM Entertainment

Set 1

  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season [BD]
  • Nurse Witch Komugi R [DVD]
  • Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl [BD]

Set 2

  • Hakkenden Eight Dogs Of The East Season 1 [BD]
  • Girls Beyond the Wasteland [DVD]
  • When They Cry: Rei season 3 [BD]
  • Hakkenden Eight Dogs Of The East season 2 [BD]

Liquid Shio Koji

Courtesy of Hanamaruki Foods Inc

“Koji” is a malted rice used in the fermentation process for miso, sake, soy sauce and other foods. Shio Koji is a traditional Japanese condiment made from fermented rice koji and salt. It has only natural flavour and colour, and contains no additives. Anybody can cook very tasty Japanese recipes easily with Liquid Shio Koji. Also available from the Rice Wine Shop in London.

Selection of Anime/Manga Goodies

Courtesy of Yokaiju

Get your hands on this selection of anime/manga goodies including a Shigure Soma vinyl figure, Dragonball coin bank, Raphtalia badge and a Death Note keychain,

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