Akiko – Limited Edition Japanese-Themed Teddy Bear

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival is happy to present a special Japanese themed teddy bear called, rather affectionately, ‘Akiko’. Aki in Japanese means “Autumn”, and female given names often end in the syllable -ko, written with the kanji meaning “child” (子). So this teddy is a girl of Autumn, or “Autumn Girl”. Akiko is a limited edition Teddy, handmade by Jules Bears and Crafts in Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, GB. She is made out of 100% mohair, with glass eyes, hardboard cotter pin, and polyester filling. She is one of a limited edition of 25. Akiko is only being made especially for the Festival, and she will be on display at Chapter during the festival weekend. She can be purchased through Isabella’s, at the bargain price of £80. Please feel free to say hello to her when you come to the festival.

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