Raffle Cardiff 2012

Raffle tickets are available at Super Tomato and Chapter Box office from the beginning of November for 50p each.

Star Prizes

Animation Software: Stop Motion Pro V7

Cover of Stop Motion Pro Software

Courtesy of Stopmotion Pro

Stop Motion Pro V7 has been developed in consultation with Aardman Animations (the makers of Wallace and Gromit). The software offers students, animators and animation producers the most comprehensive and easy to use toolset yet. Stop Motion Pro requires a video camera, webcam or digital stills camera and is compatible with Win XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can also be used on Apple Macs using either Boot Camp or Parallels.

Framed Art Print: ‘Pine Beach at Miko’ by Utagawa Hiroshige

Pine Beach at Miko

Courtesy of The Japanese Shop

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) was born in the shogun’s capital of Edo (now Tokyo) and is considered to be the last great master of the woodblock (ukiyo-e). In the Japan of his day, his prints fostered a new and far-reaching appreciation for nature in art, and in the west, his work influenced artists such as Whistler, Cezanne and Gaughin. The Japanese Shop has an excellent collection of these superb quality woodblock prints which have incredibly vivid colours having been crafted in the same style as the originals.

Anime DVDs

MVM Anime DVDs

Cover of Broken Blade DVD
Cover of Rosario Vampire DVD

Courtesy of MVM Entertainment

Anime DVD and Manga Selection

Image of DVD collection

Courtesy of Super Tomato

Selection of manga comics and anime DVDs such as Ghost in the Shell.

Igam Ogam – Wakey Shakey! DVD

Cover of Igam Ogam Wakey Shakey DVD

Courtesy of Calon TV

Have fun watching 8 full Episodes of the fun loving cave girl Igam Ogam !


NEO Magazine – 1 year’s subscription

Cover of Neo Magazine

Courtesy of NEO Magazine.

Igam Ogam Book 1 – Where’s My Doggie?

Cover of Igam Ogam Book

Courtesy of Calon TV.

From the famous Children’s TV series Igam Ogam, these books are usually only available directly from the Calon website.

Igam Ogam Book 2 – I’m Not Igam Ogam

Cover of Igam Ogam Book

Courtesy of Calon TV.

From their famous Children’s TV series Igam Ogam, these books are usually only available directly from the Calon website.


Gift Vouchers

Image of Yakiniku Food Voucher
Image of Yakiniku Food Voucher

Courtesy of Seoul House Restaurant.

Treat yourself to some excellent cuisine at the reknowned Japanese and Korean restaurant on the east side of Cardiff. We have five gift vouchers to give away, each worth £10!


Miniature Kotatsu

Image of Kotatsu Package

These are models from Japan.

Courtesy of Re-ment

Bitbots, Jinny

Image of Bitbots

UK’s newest premier limited edition vinyl toy.

Courtesy of the SHO

Sali Mali Doll

Image of Sali Mali Doll

Courtesy of Calon TV.

A pretty Sali Mali doll, the famous character from the Welsh TV series.

Arts & Crafts

Origami Craft Sets

Image of Origami Craft Set

Courtesy of Toyo.

Great fun to be had building your very own origami creations, with full instructions on each and every fold required to make some truly amazing designs out of plain paper. These sets feature sweets such as birthday cake, boats and cars, and Rilakkuma bento box.

Painting Set

Image of Painting Set

Courtesy of: Major Brushes.

This painting set comes complete with paints, brushes and canvas.


Hand Knitted Scarf

Image of Scarf

Courtesy of Euro Japan Trading Co.

Beautifully hand knitted and perfect for keeping you warm this winter.


Abstract Painting

Image of Painting

Courtesy of Louise Shazeela Beer

Handmade Wooden Bowl

Image of Bowl

Courtesy of Nigel Leach, from Niggleberry Treen

A hand carved, fruit wood bowl with a whale tail handle.

Handmade Badges

Image of Badge

Courtesy of Saemi Takahashi.

Beautifully handmade, these badges are adorned with a cute Japanese girl’s face.

Original Postcard

Image of Postcard

Courtesy of Saemi Takahashi.

Original Postcards

Image of postcards

Courtesy of Miho Yata, Japanese animator.

Small Books

Image of Books

Courtesy of Miho Yata, Japanese animator

Book of 30 Postcards

Image of Postcards

Courtesy of Chie Arai, Japanese animator.

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