Welsh Premiere Screenings of Short Peace, A Letter to Momo and Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Film Festival will be held on 26th September at the Chapter in Cardiff, and on 10th October at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Again this year the Festival will screen a number of impressive films including Short Peace, A Letter to Momo, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, Perfect Blue and Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise. Here are some details about the films we will screen at the event.

Short Peace

Short Peace is a compilation film featuring four anime shorts directed and written by four people including Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of cyberpunk classic Akira and Shuhei Morita, director of the TV anime Tokyo Ghoul. Tsukumo, under the title Possessions, and was nominated for Best Animated Short at the 86th Academy Awards in 2014.


The central theme of this film is Japan and there are four stories about Japan at different points in the nation’s history:

Possessions, Shuhei Morita’s award-winning tale of a lone traveller deep in the mountains who disturbs spirits in an abandoned shrine.

Combustible is a story of love, honour and firefighting in Edo directed by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Gambo directed by Hiroaki Ando is about a legendary battle takes place between a mysterious white bear defending the royal family from a monstrous red demon.

A Farewell to Weapons shows a group of soldiers battle robotic tanks in an apocalyptic Tokyo.

A Letter To Momo

Seven years in the making, this is the latest award-winning film from Hiroyuki Okiura and Production I.G a partnership that brought the world the critically acclaimed sci-fi epic Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade.

“A Letter to Momo”


Following the death of her father, a young girl comes into contact with three yokai (goblins) who help her overcome the sadness of her loss.

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

“Tiger & Bunny the Rising”

See what happens right after the events of the successful TV anime Tiger and Bunny in a new and exciting adventure. People new to the series need know nothing about what has happened previously.


Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr have their partnership severed by the new owner of Apollon media. Barnaby must work with his newly assigned partner Golden Ryan but the threat facing Sternbild City is so serious that Wild Tiger will be called upon to help.

Perfect Blue

“Perfect Blue”

Watch the debut film of Satoshi Kon, a man who would push the boundaries of anime with ark psychological stories such as Millennium Actress (2001), Paranoia Agent (2004) and Paprika (2006).


A former pop-idol turned actress finds her sense of reality falling apart when a stalker enters her life and the ghost of her former career haunts her.

Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise

“Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise”

The Wings of Honneamise was the first commercial project created by legendary anime studio Gainax that has become what many anime fans regard as a classic.


Aimless astronaut candidate Shirotsugh Lhadatt finds himself inspired to reach for the stars after a chance meeting with a young woman but with his nation on the verge of war he finds himself in a race against time to leave the earth.

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