Programme Aberystwyth 2018

Summary Kotatsu Festival 2018

Sat 20th Oct
10:00 When Marnie Was There (U)
12:30 Lu Over the Wall (PG)
15:00 Psychic School Wars (12)
17:20 Raffle Draw

Sun 21st Oct
13:45 Mirai (PG)
15:35 Fireworks (12A)
17:30 Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening (15)

For ticket information please contact Aberystwyth Arts Centre on +44(0)1970 62 32 32

Sat 20th October 2018

10:00 When Marnie Was There (U)

Studio Ghibli’s final (latest?) film follows Anna Sasaki who moves to a seaside town where she discovers an abandoned mansion and meets Marnie, a mysterious girl who has life-changing secrets that Anna will discover.

Hiromasa Yonebayashi 2014 103m

12:30 Lu Over The Wall (PG)

When Kai finds moves from Tokyo to the fishing town of Hinashi, he thinks life will be boring but new friends and a mermaid named Lu help him save his new community from disaster.

Masaaki Yuasa 2017 112m

15:00 Psychic School Wars (12)

High-schooler Kenji Seki’s boring life becomes weird when he encounters a mysterious transfer student with psychic powers and plans for taking over the school. Kenji and his friends must stop this from happening.

Ryôsuke Nakamura 2012 106m

17:20 Raffle

Take part in the Kotatsu raffle to win a variety of prizes from the UK and Japan including special items brought by our special guests Tsuneo Goda and Hirokazu Minegishi.

21st October 2018

13:45 Mirai (PG)

Audience Award 2018 Winner
Best Film

Kun resents his new baby sister Mirai who he feels has stolen the limelight. However, when visited by a grown-up version of Mirai from the future, he goes on an adventure that teaches him important lessons about family.

Mamoru Hosoda 2018 95m

15:35 Fireworks (12A)

It is summer and Norimichi and his friends are looking forward to seeing a fireworks display but he when receives an invitation from his crush Nazuna to run away with her, his plans change.

Akiyuki Shinbo, Nobuyuki Takeuchi 2017 90m

17:30 Attack on Titan: Roar of Awakening (15)

Eren Yeager and other members of the Survey Corps continue to face the Titans following the invasion of Wall Rose but more mysteries are revealed including dark secrets of their own members.

Tetsuro Araki 2018 2h

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