Programme Cardiff 2019

Summary Kotatsu Festival Cardiff 2019

Fri 4th Oct

18:00 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection
20:00 Reception
20:00 Anime-Themed Disco

Sat 5th Oct

11:00 Birthday Wonderland
13:30 Masterclass with Takeshi Yashiro, Satoshi Akutsu
15:00 Signing Event
16:00 Tamako Love Story
18:00 Fate / Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel Film 1
20:30 Calamity of a Zombie Girl

Sun 6th Oct

11:00 Penguin Highway
11:00 Workshop with Takeshi Yashiro Stop-Motion Animation
14:00 Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution
16:30 Raffle
17:30 A Silent Voice

All films are in Japanese with English subtitles.
For ticket information please contact
Chapter Box Office on +44(0)29 2030 4400

Friday 4th October 2019

6pm Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection

Screenshot from Lelouch Resurrection
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection

When Lelouch vi Brittannia died the world found peace, but a terrorist attack threatens everything as his sister Princess Nunnally is kidnapped. Fate, and the immortal witch C.C., once again brings the legend of Lelouch back to save everyone in a film that reunites old characters for a new beginning full of mecha action and political intrigue.


Dir: Goro Taniguchi / 114m / 2019
Rating: 15 – violence and bloodshed
In Japanese with English subtitles

8pm Reception (Invite Only)

An invite-only celebration for the opening night of Kotatsu 2019, with drinks at the reception.

8pm Anime-Themed Disco

DJ Ryojin

Celebrate the opening night of Kotatsu 2019 in Chapter’s First Space with DJ Ryojin. He also performs at the event “1UP” in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, and hopes to raise awareness of Japanese culture through his activities overseas.

Entry fee: £1
Takes place in First Space
Cosplayers welcome

Saturday 5th October 2019

11am Birthday Wonderland

Screenshot from Birthday Wonderland
Birthday Wonderland

Akane is a young shy girl who lacks confidence. A day before her birthday she goes to her aunt Chi’s antique shop to collect her present. She gets more than she bargained for when she meets a mysterious man named Hippocrates the Alchemist, who believes that Akane is the Goddess of the Green Wind, and can save their world, “Wonderland”.

BIRTHDAY WONDERLAND © Sachiko Kawashiba, Kodansha/2019 “Birthday Wonderland” Production Committee

Dir: Keiichi Hara / 120m / 2019
Rating: U (8+) – mild peril and violence
In Japanese with English subtitles

1:30pm Masterclass with Takeshi Yashiro & Satoshi Akutsu

Takeshi Yashiro and Satoshi Akutsu
Takeshi Yashiro (left) and Satoshi Akutsu
Screenshot from Gon
Gon, The Little Fox

Award-winning director and stop-motion animator Takeshi Yashiro will be joined by his producer Satoshi Akutsu to give a talk about their careers in the animation world. Yashiro will explain his creative process which has led to the creation of films such as “Dear November Boy” (2012) and “Gon, The Little Fox” (2019) while Akutsu will go into detail about his experience in the role of producer for a variety of projects.

Takeshi Yashiro – “Gon, The Little Fox”.

This is a heartbreaking story. But it will also leave you feeling serene. It’s set in a time and place where humans and beasts used to live close to one another. The stop-motion animation brings the rustic landscape of the Japanese countryside back to life. So sit back and enjoy.

Special Guest: Robin Lyons
Translator: Aiho Richards

3pm Signing Event

Meet and greet Takeshi Yashiro and Satoshi Akutsu immediately after their masterclass and get your merchandise signed.

4pm Tamako Love Story

Tamako Love Story

Third year high school girl Tamako has never really thought long term.  She figures she will continue to work at her family’s mochi shop. Her neighbour and long-time admirer Mochizou, on the other hand, is planning to go to university in Tokyo, leaving behind everyone he knows, including his beloved Tamako who he is desperate to confess his feelings to. Will she understand? Kyoto Animation brings to life a sweet romance with this movie sequel to “Tamako Market”.

Dir: Naoko Yamada / 83m / 2014
Rating: 12A – mild sexual reference
In Japanese with English subtitles

6pm Fate / Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel Film 1

Screenshot from Heavens Feel
Fate / Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel

The latest movie adaptation of the visual novel “Fate/stay night” focuses on a high schooler named Shirou Emiya who takes part in an explosive conflict known as the Holy Grail War. This is a battle between mages and their summoned warriors known as Servants. Shirou, together with his Servant, Saber, fight to win the war and stop mysterious gruesome murders that are plaguing his home town.


Tomonori Sudo / 120m / 2017
Rating: 15
In Japanese with English subtitles

8:15pm Calamity of a Zombie Girl

Screenshot from Zombie Girl
Calamity of a Zombie Girl

It’s the summer holiday so lessons are over but some students seeking treasure are in the university library where they discover two sets of female antique mummies from Italy. One student, Sayaka, spies and steals a fancy stone. Little does she realise it is a “stone of life” which gives the two mummies super strength and eternal life. Having stolen the stone, the girls have awakened ferocious flesh-eating enemies that attempt to retrieve what was once theirs…

CALAMITY ©2018 Ryo Ikehata/ Published by KADOKAWA/Stingray

Dir: Hideaki Iwami / 80m / 2018
Rating: 18
In Japanese with English subtitles

Sunday 6th October 2019

11am Penguin Highway

Screenshot from Penguin Highway
Penguin Highway

Audience Award 2019 Winner
Best Film

Aoyama is a precocious and confident schoolboy who loves to think. This particular summer will see him tackle his biggest puzzle yet when a colony of penguins mysteriously materialises in his sleepy little town. With the help of an intriguing older woman he met at his dentist’s office, he aims to figure out where on Earth they came from in this charming adventure that proves to be out of this world.

PENGUIN HIGHWAY © 2018 Tomihiko Morimi, KADOKAWA / Penguin Highway Production Committee

Dir: Hiroyasu Ishida / 119m / 2018
Rating: 12 – mild sexual reference
In Japanese with English subtitles

11am – 4pm (approx) Workshop with Takeshi Yashiro – Stop-Motion Animation

Takeshi Yashiro

Supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Takeshi Yashiro, an award-winning director, will teach the essence of stop motion animation. Attendees will have a unique chance to animate the actual professional puppets which Takeshi uses in his works.

For bookings please contact

11am- 4pm / Ages 8+ / £27 each
Takes place in First Space.

2pm Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution

Screenshot from Eureka Seven Hi Evolution
Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution

Renton Thurston is a teen in a boring town. He has a hover-board and a dream of joining a group of guerilla fighters named Gekkostate in their exciting adventures. Their leader is a man named Holland, a pro hoverboarder that Renton idolises. He gets his chance when a mysterious girl named Eureka crashes into his house in a mech called Nirvash and sets in motion an astounding adventure.


Dir: Tomoki Kyoda / 109m / 2017
Rating: 12
In Japanese with English subtitles

4:30pm Raffle

Take part in the Kotatsu raffle for a chance to win a variety of prizes from the UK and Japan including special items brought by our special guests Takeshi Yashiro and Satoshi Akutsu.

5:30pm A Silent Voice

Screenshot from Silent Voice
A Silent Voice

When Shoko, a young deaf student, transfers to a new elementary school she is bullied by her classmates who are led by a boy named Shoya. When Shoko leaves, the class turns on Shoya and he finds himself bullied in return. This experience scars Shoya who grows to be a guilt-ridden high schooler and so he decides he must see Shoko once more to atone for his behaviour…

Screened at Kotatsu 2017, this features work from the studio Kyoto Animation who provide a beautifully animated film with a strong script with searing emotional moments and character development that will leave audiences profoundly moved. 

A SILENT VOICE ©Yoshitoki Oima, KODANSHA/A SILENT VOICE The Movie Production Committee. All Rights Reserved. Based on the manga “A SILENT VOICE” by Yoshitoki Oima originally serialized in the weekly SHONEN MAGAZINE published by KODANSHA Ltd.

Dir: Naoko Yamada / 129m / 2016
Rating: 12A
In Japanese with English subtitles

Japanese Marketplace

Various market stalls offering a fantastic selection of Japan-related paraphernalia, from comics and DVDs to food, toys and other kawaii goods. Please note that in order to reduce the use of plastic bags, we kindly ask that you bring your own if possible.

Mangaka Lemis – A talented young manga artist from Cardiff, taking commissions and selling prints of his original work.

Kotatsu Festival Stand

A selection of new and second-hand Japanese books, comics, magazines and DVDs. All money raised on this stand will be used to help fund future Kotatsu Festival events.

Kotatsu Display

Come and join us and try out an actual Kotatsu table. Unique to Japan, a Kotatsu is a table which is draped in a blanket, futon or quilt, with a heater underneath. It’s ideal to keep your legs and feet warm on the cold winter nights. (Saturday only)
Kindly supplied by Kaori Onoda.

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