Machine As A Hero? Free Online Talk

Free Zoom Talk with FUJITSU Ryota
10th Nov 2023 @ 6:30pm

Anime fans! If you love giant robots, this one’s for you! Join us November 10th for an online talk by FUJITSU Ryota, an anime critic, as we explore the evolution of machines as characters in Japanese animation. The talk will take place on Zoom, so you’ll need the Zoom client installed on your device to take part. If you are interested in being involved, please register using the link below…

In partnership with Japan Foundation London.

As part of the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 2023, FUJITSU Ryota, Japan’s leading animation critic, will unveil mecha-anime from Japan, overviewing its characteristics. He will also discuss in this special online-talk, the progress of this genre in story as well as style, while referring to the social circumstances and viewership when these works were made.

A Japanese anime critic. He became a freelance writer after working as a newspaper reporter and weekly magazine editor. His writing primarily focuses on anime-related topics and has been featured in magazines, BD booklets, and web media. His books include Anime ‘hyoronka’ sengen (The Declaration of an ‘Anime Critic’, 2003), and Channeru wa itsumo anime (Channels Are Always Anime, 2010). FUJITSU Ryota serves as an adjunct lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University and holds the position of programming advisor for the anime section of the Tokyo International Film Festival.

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