Origami Animation Workshop

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRk6EvBahlo (unfortunately this video is no longer available)

Kotatsu Festival recently held an Origami Animation Workshop at Tyn-y-Wern Primary School. Originally this workshop was going to be held last year during the festival, and the teacher was to be Tetsuji Kurashige. Sadly we had some issues, and we had to postpone the event.

So Eiko Meredith taught instead, and the children made some origami characters such as a dog, a cat, and penguins, and they came up with the idea of ‘Global Warming’. This video shows how they made ‘Penguin to the Rescue.’

This workshop was partly funded by Japan Society, Sasakawa Foundation and Japan Foundation.  Japanese origami was kindly donated by Toyo.

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