Kotatsu Festival Raffle 2011


Kotatsu Festival has just launched this year’s raffle page.

This year we have a fantastic StopMate Motion Animation Armature, which is designed by Tetsu, a skilled Japanese machinist. He is also our kind sponsor.

StopMate armature is sold worldwide by Stop Motion Store. The original price for this product is $365.00.

We have more prizes such as TV series Igam Ogam DVD and a Sali Mali Doll donated by Calon, and a traditional Japanese garment Haramaki, courtesy of Genki Haramaki. The haramaki will be worn to maintain warmth and well-being during cold weather.

Kotatsu Festival is looking for the sponsorship, so any companies who would love to sponsor us or are happy to advertise their products,  please let us know.

More prizes are coming soon, please keep checking our raffle page!

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