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Celebrate International Women’s Day

Nekoze Kansatsuki – Hikari Yamashita

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, WOW Women’s Film Club invited our festival director Eiko Meredith to hand-pick a selection of animated shorts crafted by up-and-coming female animators working in Japan, and to organise an online Creative Workshop by Japanese animator and illustrator Chie Arai.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose To Challenge‘, so the Kotatsu Festival team have brought together a number of works by up-and-coming female film-makers, all of which are family-friendly and are rated U or PG.

Date: 13th March 2021
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More details in the full article below.

Women Make Animation: Animated Shorts from Japan

Mommy – Yushio & Arisa Wakami

Among the films that will be screened online are some from students of Tokyo Zokei University’s animation course such as ‘To Bee Continued‘ by Aki Ezure, the bizarre bee-filled story about a young woman learning to be brave.

dress flowery’ is directed by Hikaru Haruta, who is currently studying at Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Animation. This is a beautiful animation representing the history of the fashion of Japanese women.

Also screening are some animation from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media Department, including the award-winning ‘Bath House of Whales‘ by Mizuki Kiyama, a short animation using a paint-on-glass technique which details a young girl’s visit to a neighbourhood bath house with her mother.

Independent animators are also well represented with the award-winning ‘Good Night‘ about two warring siblings, and directed by Makiko Nanke, who is herself a mother to three children. There are also shorts by Arisa Wakami, an animator who uses a variety of materials, such as sand, to tell stories. One film which is particularly relevant to our times is ‘Mommy‘, a music video inspired by the relationship between a mother and her daughter; a theme that has become increasingly relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home.

Short Film Programme:

1. Dress Flowery (Hikari Haruta)
2. tiny world (Yuri Matsumoto)
3. OUT OF THE BOX (Hwang Dasom)
4. blue dog (Ji Zhaoqi)
5. to bee continued (Aki Ezure)
6. It is love (Akiho Shimizu)
7. nekoze kansatsuki (Hikari Yamashita)
8. Blessing 0-5 (Arisa Wakami)
9. Mommy (Yushio + Arisa Wakami)
10. Turtle’s Stroll (Minori Matsuoka)
11. While You Sleep (Kano Ikeda)
12. Indoor Days (Asaki Nishino)
13. House Rattler (Shinobu Soejima)
14. Bath House of Whales (Mizuki Kiyama)
15. Good Night (Makiko Nanke)

These films will all be available to watch live via the Eventive website on March 13th, and they will remain viewable for a week. All of these heart-warming films are fun for all ages and can be viewed by all family members. Hug your kids and enjoy!

Dress Up! Creative Workshop with Chie Arai

Kimono Design by Chie Arai

Saturday 13 March, 2pm
Place: Zoom
Free event for all ages.

It’s time to get creative! In this Zoom workshop, Japanese animator and illustrator Chie Arai will demonstrate how draw a girl in a kimono. Viewers will be able to join in and show their country’s own traditional dress.

Please have these items: papers, pencils, pens, colouring pencils, things you need for the drawing (only the things you can get hold of).

During the workshop the audience will have a chance to show their designs to Chie, however as the event will be recorded children should get parental consent first. Viewers are advised to have drawing materials available, such as paper, pencils, pens, and colouring pencils.

WOW 2021

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